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Fabiola is French-Italian and first began a successful career spanning over thirteen years working for an international company. She lived in many different places like France, Luxembourg, Italy, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Shanghai. These experiences started opening her eyes to new perspectives.


Fabiola has been in love with photography from a young age. She used to borrow her father’s Canon camera and immediately discovered the infinite range of possibilities with pictures. After an extensive travel history, she decides one fine (blue) day to devote herself to her passion, photography.


Fabiola’s photographic career began as she was living in Hong Kong and then Shanghai. Discovering Asia has been a real shock, both cultural and emotional. It opened many new artistic perspectives for her.


Wherever she settles, the street is her favourite playground. Fabiola’s sharp eyes know how to capture the best moment, movement, light, shadows, colours and emotions. This creates a unique treasure in one single shot. It is hard not to feel her passion when you look at her portraits, faces, hands, silhouettes and landscapes.

Today, Fabiola has turned her dedication into a new way of life. She has the utmost respect for the people she meets and has this special gift to create a genuine bond with them. 


Her vocation, as a humanist, is to capture the soul and beauty of her subjects, whether they be people, places or objects. She is deeply inspired by the story behind the scene of each photo. 

photo : Georges Armando

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